Three Podcasts I’m Obsessed With

I never really paid that much attention to podcasts when they became a thing. Actually, the first ones I started listening were either referred by bloggers or YouTubers I follow (this is when Gil would mock me by saying that I’m too influenced by these people). Well… there’s a reason why they’re called influencers right?
He’s not wrong though. I remember being completely addicted to ‘At Home With’ because I love everything home decor related. And when I discovered ‘The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast’ I got stuck with the insight on health, wellness, business, branding/marketing they shared through their guests interviews.

I got so much value with the podcasts I was listening that I wondered if I could find something within illustration, design or even freelancing. The number of people I found BLEW my mind. There’s a lot of creative people out there doing some serious stuff and if you happen to see me with my headphones on, chances are that I’m listening to one of those podcasts. Now I really enjoy working while listening to people talking. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with these three I’ve been so obsessed with lately:

Creative Pep Talk
By Andy J. Miller | iTunes

I never came across anybody like Andy, he has a gift! He’s one of those people that can articulate so well our thoughts and he’s able to break free from all the confusion that we all sometimes feel in certain subjects. He’s extremely inspirational and helpful. Every time I listen to him I feel so motivated to conquer my ‘creative destiny’ (as he likes to mention it in his pep talks). You can listen to the passion in his voice, he enjoys helping creatives striking the perfect balance between art and business. His ridiculous and funny analogies, personal stories and artist interviews really help planning for a more successful creative career!

Design Life
By Charli Prangley & Femke Van Schoonhoven | iTunes

I can’t remember how I found these two awesome women, maybe was it through Charli’s YouTube channel, I’m not sure. But Charli and Femke both have full-time jobs in tech and they also are two serial side project addicts. It’s very interesting to hear the perspective of creatives that only do freelance on the side as they talk about the issues they face on a day-to-day basis. My favourite episode has to be the ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’. It happens to be a concept that I know all too well.



Portrait of a Freelancer
By Ariel Bissett | iTunes

Last but not least, I recently discovered Ariel and her honest thoughts about “diving” into the world of freelancing. She loves writing poems and although she conquered a massive audience, Ariel (just like me) is in the early stages of a freelance career. She mainly talks about those subjects that no one really likes to talk about… You know, like the ongoing emails, getting organised, dealing with problems like comparing ourselves to others, etc.



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