Philipa Rabbit

Freelance Illustrator & Designer

Drop me a line if you wanna work together or just say hello! We can share a carrot 🙂


Oh Hi! My name is Philipa Rabbit. I’m a Portuguese independent illustrator & designer living in London. 

I’ve graduated in Communication Design by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon University in 2012 and although my background started at design, I’ve always had a passion for illustration and animation and that led me to an Illustration course in a Technical School of Arts and Technology (RESTART). Since that, I’ve been working in the industry of advertisement with agencies like BBDO/Proximity, Isobar, Digitas, Ogilvy, J. Walter Thompson to name a few. I like to use pastel colours and to write on my blog about my insights and experiences as a creative freelancer.


Fun Fact!

Philipa Rabbit is my artist name… My real name is Filipa Coelho Ferreira, I grew up and studied in Lisbon, Portugal.



Philipa is one of those rising stars that started out very quiet and humble, but quickly became very mature, skilled and experienced in the two years I worked with her. She has great illustration, graphic design, typography and layout skills – pretty obvious if you’ve seen her portfolio. But it’s her positive attitude that adds that extra momentum and dynamic to every team. One thing I really admire in designers I work with, is the ability to self manage and make decisions. Philipa does this really well, because she has a very considered approach. Always thinking about what the design needs to do for the brand and the audience. If she thinks there’s a better way to do something she’ll do option A (What the brief was) then also options B & C! Finally another plus point – she has a great design workflow. In the chaotic creative industries where requirements change every day, she manages to keep calm and work these changes into her flow. I’ve never seen her throw a ‘creative fit’! Hire this girl. She’s awesome. I just wish she was still working with me.

Dilesh Lalloo – Hands-on Design & Creative Director

I worked with the brilliant Philipa Rabbit on a wide range of projects at Isobar. She’s a wonderful designer and illustrator, very collaborative, and great fun too. We created a Rice Krispies storytelling app together, and I fell in love with her imaginative character design.

Mary Ann HorganCreative Copywriter

Philipa has got to be one of the most talented designers & illustrators I have worked with. She has bags of skill, wonderful craft, is super quick and exceptionally hard working. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Andy ThirskSenior Freelance Art Director


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